From the moment you call or email our offices in the UK or the US, until you get home safely after your trip, you will be assured by our knowledge of the adventure travel industry. Our office staff will be able to answer all your questions, whether it be about visas, flights or hippos. Our river crews have a level of experience that is unmatched in the white water industry. They will navigate you safely down the river, and fill you with knowledge of wildlife and local customs. They will also keep you amused with a few river stories from their years exploring the world.

Most of our clients are aware that adventure travel to far flung lands can pose it’s own interesting idiosyncrasies common in the developing world. Very few things happen fast, and you’ll find a smiling face and a little patience work wonders in these countries for getting things accomplished. We suggest you read the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advise on the country you are visiting prior to your departure. We recommend a few phrases of the local language will get you a long way (this is sent to you in your pre departure pack). Our trip leaders and guides are on hand if you have any queries about the country you are visiting.